This Course is designed to help you attain the knowledge and develop the skills needed to pass the
Certification Exams offered by The Piano Technicians Guild
and become a professional piano technician, ready to handle routine piano tuning, service and repair.

It has been estimated that two thirds of Piano Tuner / Technicians have learned their profession through enrollment in correspondence or self-study courses. Enrtry level training usually requires from 6 to 18 months.

Piano Technology is a good profession for those who like to work independently. They report a high level of job satisfaction, a low stress level, and a serious commitment to continued personal and professional growth. With a solid education you will be able to work in concert halls, colleges and universities, recording studios, retail stores and in many other exciting settings.

Our course is designed to give you the skills you need for a new career in the piano service business and qualify to become a 'Registered Piano Technician' as a member of The Piano Technicians Guild!

Perhaps the most important function of the Piano Technician's Guild is to qualify technicians as Registered Piano Technicians. It assures quality piano service by requiring that a technician pass these rigorous set of examinations. The RPT credential shows that the technician is ready to handle normal piano service and repair. The Piano Technicians Guild has developed a set of standardized tests which help insure quality piano service.

Why Choose the Butler School?

The field of piano technology is an unregulated trade. The Piano Technicians Guild has set mimimum competence standards for piano technicians. READ MORE

Your Instructor

Rick Butler, RPT has served as chief piano technician for two large universities and as shop foreman for a major piano dealer. READ MORE


Is there a real need for Piano Tuner/Technicians?

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