Our School is dedicated toward providing quality education. We wish to provide a unique, and interactive learning experience for those who wish to begin a new career or part time business in tuning and servicing pianos. Our goal is to enable you to pass the Certification Exams given by The Piano Technicians Guild and become a 'Registered Piano Technician'.

We believe we rank among the best regarding this kind of long distance education; providing support at the lowest possible tuition. Look and compare our program to other home study schools and see what you think.

To be able to pick up the phone and talk to your teacher is very important. Of course, you can e-mail us as well. It's not only what you know, it's who you know. We're here for you.

We regularly work with performance pianos and well known artist from around the world. However, that is not what makes us good teachers. Good teachers understand how to teach. We not only have experience working on pianos, we have experience teaching as well. We understand how to teach.

Our facilities also serve as a center for administering the Piano Technicians Guild Certification Exams in the Washington D.C. area and beyond.