The Video Library

The Online Video Library is a very important part of our Course. Here, you'll be able to watch how the information presented in the Instruction Booklets is applied. After you enroll in the school, you'll be provided the web address of the video library and given a username and password. You'll then be able to log on and watch the movies. We're constantly adding and updating this library. Click here to see one page from this video library. (There are not any actual videos on this page. You can click below for a sample videos.)

Here is a video from one of the tuning videos: Tuning Unisons: Play

How the Course works

Each paragraph in every course book is numbered. There are self-study questions for each paragraph. There is a least one written exam for each lesson.

Our course removes the traditional boundaries of time and location to offer you the flexibility not often found in other academic situations. You can set your own pace and choose the most convenient time and place to study and practice. You are not required to participate in a physical classroom. Read More

The Instruction Books

This Course in Piano Tuning and Repair is the foundation you'll need to professionally service both grand and vertical pianos. There are 22 lessons, each lesson in book form. It is printed using a Color Laser Jet printer using high quality paper. Therefore all the illustrations and pictures are clear and crisp.

We believe the strength of our course is in its presentation. The material is presented in a simple, concise manner. Why? Information gathered by reading takes time. We want you to spend as much time as possible actually working at the piano. Therefore, I have tried to prioritize the written information you'll need to maintain a good pace, and at the same time develop your skills at the piano. Read More